Interact Club Flower Sale


Elise Sheldrick, Guest Writer

February is drawing near, and Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. However, you are in dire need of a gift for that special someone in your life! Luckily, the James Clemens Interact Club can help you with that!

During February 2nd-6th, the Interact Club at James Clemens will be selling carnations for their annual Valentine’s Day flower sale fundraiser. This is not only an opportunity for last minute Valentine’s Day surprises, but it’s also a opportunity to aid a good cause

Sarah Mowery, the Vice President of Interact Club, comments where the money will be donated to after the week has ended. “Interact Club sponsors a little girl in Haiti through World Vision. Her name is Junise, and we plan on spending the money that we raise from this fundraiser to her.”

In order to provide Junise with simple things like medicine, food, and other items, the Interact Club members have high hopes for this fundraiser in order to reach their goal.

Mowery comments that the Valentine’s Day flower sale had been remarkably successful throughout the years. Also President of the Interact Club, Haelin Oh, talks about the goal that they wish to raise this year. Oh states, “We are aiming towards $100 this year.” With this $100, Junise and her family will have the ability to afford different items that are used in their daily lives.

Another member of the Interact Club, Joanna Zybura, is the Public Relations Officer, and she also comments on the success this fundraiser. “This fundraiser is something that a lot of people participate in. This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the entire year. With people purchasing flowers this Valentine’s Day, it will definitely help Junise and her family.”

So, come by during February 2nd-6th to buy a carnation for $2 from the Interact Club. You can stop by at any of the lunches in front of the office where the flowers will be sold. Then they will be delivered to your first block classrooms of the mornings of the 12th and 13th.