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DIY Chinese Lanterns

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Chinese New Year’s, aslo known as the Lunar New Year, is coming up on January 28. 2017 marks the year of the rooster and to get in the spirit here is an easy way to make your own lantern to light up the New Year.

Paper (colored, construction, cardstock
Cardboard Tube

Fold the paper in half. With the open side facing the top, use the ruler to evenly draw vertical lines from the top of the paper to the bottom (the folded side) leaving. Make sure to leave a margin at the top of the paper, anywhere from ¾” to 1”.
Use the scissors to cut the lines starting from the folded side and up to the open sided. NOTE: Do not cut all the way.
The cardboard tube is the center of the lantern. You can cover it with paper, paint it, or decorate it to your liking. If you don’t have a tube you can simply make one by taking a length of paper and rolling it up into a tube.
Unfold the paper. Glue one end of the paper to the tube, wrapping the rest of the paper around the tube until you reach the other end.
The rest is up to you to decorate however you like. You can add streamers at the bottom or add a handle at the top.

Be sure to enjoy the New Year!

If you’re up to the challenge you can try these circle paper Chinese Lanterns:
Cut eight strips of paper of equal length, ¾” to 1” wide.
Punch a hole at both ends of each strip, and using a split pin join all the strips together in the center.
Curl each strip all into a sphere shape and pin together with another split pin.

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