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Sea of Death

A Monologue

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Title: Sea of death

Setting: Earth 2020

At Rise: On the Ground, Los Angeles, Night rising to morning

Genre: Dystopian

Toxic Gun:

Death. Death was all around me. Streets filled with the diseased. Rooms filled with the dead. The risen dead roamed the earth, savaging brains to feast upon. Vampires drained what is left of the human race.

(Toxic Gun grabs her gun and shoots a zombie.)

These beats must be stopped.

(Grabbing a human skull, she chucks it towards a vampire.)

Go away!

(Shooting werewolves.)

The earth has been a cold, dark place ever since the Shadow Wars. Only one third of Earth’s population survived the wars. Those ⅓ are the ones who fight against the enemies, the ⅔ were cowards and died off. I was born to fight. Daughter of two warriors, I was made to survive. My boots stomped on the dirty roads that are plagued with the destroyed buildings that use to be gleaming in the sky, now shattered to ash. The streets of Los Angeles used to be filled to the brim of the prideful, used to have the walk of fame, used to hold thousands of feet on it, now only accompanied by my two feet.

(Toxic Gun ducks under a building as she spotted two doom patrollers.)

Hiding isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Vampires want your blood, zombies wants your brains, werewolves want your flesh, and AI wants your body. Personally the only thing that keeps me running are my partners in crime. The four I am the most close too are held hostage by the lead doom patroller. As I speak to you, I am on my way right now to save the trouble makers. The four who rescued me from the grasps of death, stayed with me and trained me, now it’s my turn to save them.

(Walking close to the building, Toxic Gun grabs her rifle from her back, going into a building. Taking out the guards that guard the building.)

As I shoot from this abandoned building, I start to contemplate how they are doing. They are probably bruised and beaten to a pulp. Scheisse.

(Hopping down from the building, the bleak sun started coming up, meaning I am going to have little to no cover. As the sun started to shine on what is left of the buildings, all zombies, werewolves, and vampires went away. Now you might think that is a good thing, but during the day is the most dangerous part. Doom Patrollers roam more frequently during the day then during the night. So I need to be more careful.

(Waits until night, then leaves the building, sneaking into the building, finding the room where the four are located.)

These idiots, getting themselves captured.

(Toxic Gun breaks into the room and kills the guards, spotting one of her friends injured, she runs towards him and takes a hold of him, leading the other three out of the building. Directing her speech to them, she speaks.)

You idiots, you get yourselves captured and now look, he’s hurt.

(Turning her attention back to the audience, she leads them back to base. Tending to one of their wounds, she leans back.)

At least we live to fight another day.


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