This is so wrong,

Something here isn’t right,

I’ve done nothing wrong,

to start such a fight,

Accusations aimed right at my skin,

no matter what I do,

I just can’t win.

I want to be good, apologetic,

because my skin caused your grades,

to become so pathetic,

How can my shoulders become such a distraction,

and my education,

matter only a fraction,

It’s like it’s our fault it gets hot in spring,

and we have to wear

much shorter things.

So what is a women to do?


What is a human to do?

When what we wear to feel nice,

gets us shamed even more,

I guess being fair would have been a real bore,

So I know by writing this,

I’m bringing regard,

to an issue that might be best disbarred,

Because yes it’s true, other places have it worse,

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make ours less of a curse.

“You’re too young to be wearing that!”

He says with despise

In my opinion

I’m too young,

to be sexualized

What I really mean is,

No person should ever be made an object,

So all of you out there,

Have some human respect.

Because “Nobody’s perfect”

Is never an excuse.

Not even for a million dollars,

Will we let slip this abuse

So shut your eyes,

Take a breath,

Breathe in,

Just be bold

Cause’ you have too just remember,

what ‘s written in old,

Don’t waste your life,

Following a code