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Afraid Notes

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Why are you afraid?

I did nothing wrong,

To deserve this fate,

tried to end it all,

unburden the load,

On your shoulders,

And my own,

I failed,

Made it worse,

I’m sorry,

 It didn’t mean,

I don’t love you,

You come to my house,

Whenever I was sad,

Brought snacks and movies,

Believe me,

I loved you,

More than anything,

Staying up with me all night,

Why are they afraid?

I’ve hurt hurt myself, yes.

I need help,

Not your fear.

Why are they afraid?

Are you afraid?

I whisper.

Blocked out by others,

 Whispers in the halls,

About me,

I sit,


Trying to hide,

From their prying eyes.

Someone sat down next to me today,

I look up,

It’s you.

A hug,

A sigh,

A cry.

If there are more people like you in the world,

I’ll stay another day,

Even if they are afraid.






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Afraid Notes