I followed the man through the red door. He wore a long black coat, preventing me from seeing his face. Somehow I knew my decision would be fatal in one way or another. The door let out a whine as I pressed down on the handle and shoved it open. The man I was following swerved by multiple people dressed up for the Circus. Lion tamers passed me with whips, trapeze artists carried umbrellas and long poles for balance, even clowns with bright red noses and oddly colored clothing. They didn’t seem to mind either of us being there. One even offered me cotton candy and a balloon. I took the candy and nodded a thank you.

The man made a right turn and I swiftly followed, unfazed by his agility. Unfortunately I had just made a right turn into a closed off room. The door shut softly behind me. I just laughed.

“Well, Apollyon, how kind of you to not slam the door.” I said tartly, taking in the room around us. There was a wooden chair and table in the center of room. Which was very small, to the point where I began to question how the table even got in.

He turned around, grinning. One soft brown eye, one completely black. The wall behind him was entirely a giant mirror, revealing his long bony tail.

“Hello there Trench,” he said a bit more cheerfully than I would have liked. Flicking his long snake-like tongue out as he spoke.  “I wasn’t sure if you had recognized me yet. -And, is that cotton candy?…” He pointed at the bag in my hand, arching a bony eyebrow at me.

I sighed in response, irritated. “You should know better than to lure me of all people into a locked room. Especially one you are in,” I glared at him as I spoke. It was too dangerous for me to risk glancing away.

“Yes, yes, I know..” I could hear the worry in his voice, and I smirked.  “But that is why I chose here! You don’t have any weapons on you,” he responded. Something wasn’t right here, he would have torn me to shreds by now.

I realized he was right and cursed under my breath. “I broke the deal Apollyon. You should leave while you have the chance,” I growled.

He just shook his head, “No, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Unless it’s about someone you want dead, I’m not interested, now if you would please open the door-“

Fire danced in his mismatched eyes, as the brown one turned black. “WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN?!” He screamed, stepping toward me. I reached for the swiss army knife. It wouldn’t do anything. But it was all I had, I might have been able too just scare him. But before I could reach it, he staggered backwards. Clutching his face, more specifically his right eye. I grabbed the knife.

“I-I’m sorry…” he mumbled, the one eye becoming brown once more. I was dumbfounded. He sighed, “Look, when you save someone of my…” he tapped his claws together nervously. “Origins… We begin to remember who we were before we, um- moved on.”

I scoffed, “Good for you, however I have more important things to do than this, so, bye.” I turned towards the door.

“Wait!” He cried, catching me off guard, I swiveled around to face him. Knife in hand “You don’t understand!” He took a shaky breath in. “I think I have a daughter…”

My eyes widened slightly.

“…And I think she is still alive.”

There had never been a case of a Dweller having family that is still alive. It was rare enough for them too even remember a sliver of their past.

I saw where this was going now.

“So you want me to help you save your daughter, who may or may not be still alive?”

“Yeah…” he murmured, tapping his claws together again, staring down at the floor. He shuffled on his feet and I held back a laugh. He was nervous! Oh what a sight to see!

“So?” He asked again, hoping for a reply.

I thought about it for a moment. This could fix my reputation in the community, or it could ruin the pieces that are left.

Finally I shrugged. “Alright. Let’s go make history.”


To Be Continued…