Ways You Can Help Stop School Shootings

Ways You Can Help Stop School Shootings

A school shooting is a crime in which a student at an educational facility kills at least 1 person affiliated with the school by shooting them. It is currently most common in the US.

The most publicized historical school shootings include 2012’s Sandy Hook and this year’s Stoneman Douglas. These disturbing calamities affect high schoolers just like you.

It is very easy to know this information and feel helpless, but know that you are not. Read on for three ways you can prevent such disasters.

Know your resources. If you feel hurt, emotionally or physically, know that you deserve help. Talk to your school counselor, a trusted adult, or even a teacher for help. Use the Text to Protect phone number(256-604-2345) to report possible threats that make you uncomfortable, especially if you know about weapons on campus. Don’t feel guilty about reporting real issues.

Know the warning signs. NPR news reports that “almost all students who committed homicide had told someone of their intentions”. If you know something, report it. If someone seems unstable, violent, or abusive, it does not necessarily mean they are at risk, but know where to draw the line to report. More major warning signs include extreme aggression, threat of weapons, or suicidal threats. However, try not to accuse someone prematurely. Simply report what you know. This video was made by parents of Sandy Hook victims. It shows what could have been noticed.

Activism. This is self-explanatory. Go to marches, call your state representatives, and contribute to the end of gun violence.