DIY Earbud Cord Covers


Read on to set your earbuds apart from everyone else’s. Plus, this makes them easy to identify if you lose them.


All you need are your corded headphones, scissors, thread, and your hands!


This video has specifications.


First, double knot the thread at the end of the cord, right by the part you plug into a device. I recommend the knot to be at the middle of the thread length, so less work is required.


Next, lay the earbuds in a horizontal line, with the earpieces on the right. Make a small “U” shape with the thread and bring it under the headphones.


Now, pick up the end, cross it over the cord and pull it down through the “U”. Adjust the stitch you just made by pushing it to the left and tightening as needed.


Continue looping and pulling the thread. Once you get to the forking off of the cord into two, tie off the end of the thread and begin with another double knot for each side. If you have Apple headphones with a remote and microphone, you will need to tie off again and make another double knot to leave space for them.


That’s all! Personalize your design by using more than one color of thread, or switching colors throughout the process. You can even apply the idea to chargers or cables. Comment on your success with this DIY below.