Valentine’s Day DIY

Valentines Day DIY

At this point it feels like holidays are constantly generated just for us to buy gifts. There are less than 3 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day returns on February 14th. Everyone knows how to cut out folded symmetrical hearts from red construction paper, so here is a more sophisticated, themed, yet affordable DIY.


Start out with felt cut into 2 identical hearts that fit in the palm of your hand. Then, use fabric glue to outline one heart, three-quarters of the way around the border. Align the other heart on top and press them firmly together. Let them dry. Now, use a rolled-up sheet of paper as a funnel to pour uncooked rice into the pouch you created. Try not to overdo the amount; if you do, it will be hard to perform the next step. Close the pouch with fabric glue around the edge of the opening. Again, hold it shut and allow for time to dry. Enjoy your pocket-sized valentine plush toy! It should end up looking like a smaller version of this product from Walmart, pictured above.