Unable to go to prom? Here’s what you can do


There is, indeed, a lot of students going to prom. I know for a fact that there will be other students who feel left out. I also know 40-50 dollars for a 3 or so hour dance is kinda expensive. Maybe it’s the cost or not finding a date, you just won’t be able to come to prom this year. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have fun that same night.

  • Get together with a couple of your friends and do something enjoyable
    • Possible ideas include watching a movie (*cough* Captain Marvel *cough* *cough*), going Top Golfing (it’s about the same price as prom at around 45 buckaroos per hour), or playing a big Rocket League match (Holla at my PC gamers).
  • Binging a Netflix show (or Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.)
    • There’s a lot of hidden gems located in a general streaming service, maybe its a comedy movie (Little Miss Sunshine or Chef are good movies), or a drama tv show like Riverdale (Rip Archie’s Papa), there is oh so many options to choose from. Don’t have a streaming service subscription? Each subscription offers a free trial and you can just cancel your subscription after the night. (Side Note: Eat all the junk food you can find, pull a Home Alone Kevin move and eat a large bowl filled with ice cream)
  • If you did have a date but, due to a complication, were not able to go to Prom, don’t let stop you from having your own romantic dance (La La Land style, find a location where you see the entire city of Madison and then start dancing).
    • This is great for Instagram pictures, if that’s what you were mostly looking forward to. If you don’t want to go to a place that overlooks the place, that’s all good. Other ideas include having the same atmosphere as the Prom location, just go to a store and buy some astronomical decorations (Dollar Store for all my jobless fellas).
  • A small karaoke session with just you (or with friends)
    • Whether it be a car or a house, you can sing using a phone or a laptop. Just open up youtube, search up your favorite song (Off comment but have any of y’all listened to 2Chainz new album, that fye), and just go bonanzas. If you don’t have a proper karaoke system, just use a 5 dollar bluetooth speaker and a hair comb. I did this by the way, I used up 2 hours of studying time I could have used for my Calculus test but it is what it is.
  • On a little more costly note, have a day off.
    • Relax, book a hotel room (Embassy Suites, if you want a luxurious experience) at a scenic place like the urban Birmingham or the more majestic waterfalls of Mentone, and be a tourist (Requires a fake British accent). Like I said it’s kind of expensive, but if you have the money it’s worth it. If you just want to have a normal day trip, you can do that as well, add your parents into your plans. It’s more safe and fun when around family, and you won’t need to pay for meals and other expenses. Or I mean you could sleep the entire day, if that’s even possible
  • Cook a luxurious dinner
    • If cooking gives you joy, head to your local grocery store and cook up a 5 star meal. Find a meal you’ve always wanted to cook such as Halibut, Lamb Chops, or Cordon Bleu. If that’s too much for you, just go to a restaurant specializing in foreign food (NOT TACO BELL). Japanese cuisine or Indian food, Madison has it all (at least I think so)

Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments.