Faculty Student Basketball Game: An Interview with Sarah Vaughan

Faculty Student Basketball Game: An Interview with Sarah Vaughan

The Faculty Student Basketball Game is rapidly approaching, so to find out the details, I interviewed Sarah Vaughan, a member of the James Clemens Student Government Association.

Hi, Sarah! Introduce yourself.

Hi, Priya! I am the Vice President of the Student Government Association, which is sponsored by Ms. Melanie Turner in Room D219. I’m actually running for President next year! At SGA, we do a lot of community service, such as the freshmen’s St. Judes fundraiser; we raised over a thousand dollars in donations! In addition, many students know that we plan the Homecoming dance. I began the JROTC give-back and gratitude party to acknowledge and appreciate the services that its members do for the school; they often clean up after football games and parades, and they even aid the janitors.

It’s so rewarding to thank enterprising students at JC. Another activity managed by SGA is the Faculty Student Basketball game. Would you explain the reason for it?

Yes, SGA plans that major event as well. The main purpose of the game is to donate ticket sales to Free2Teach, a charity association. SGA utilizes a portion of the profit as well, because we need funding for our activities, especially since we are the President School for this year’s Alabama State SGA conference, in which all the schools in Alabama with Student Government Associations visit JC for leadership training and a general exchange of ideas.

Congratulations for the opportunity to host the conference! Would you inform our readers the cost of tickets and where they can buy them?

Thank you! Tickets are 3 dollars and can be bought in the Landing during Refuel and in the morning. The last day to buy them is Friday.

When and where will the game take place?

The game is scheduled for this Friday, March 15th, during the second half of school. Blocks are shortened to 35 minutes each during the first half of the day. Since the event is during school hours, students who do not attend will be supervised by teachers. The game will take place in the competition gym.

Who will play in the Faculty Student Basketball Game?

This year, we do not have as many freshman participants. Therefore, there will be two teams of seniors, one team of juniors, a mixed team of freshmen and sophomores, and a faculty team. The names of participants in each team are:


Student teams will first play each other, and the best among them will play faculty.

Thank you so much for this interview, Sarah! Is there anything else you would like to convey to our readers?

It was my pleasure! I highly encourage students to attend this fun, large-scale event that promotes school spirit, especially because classes do not overlap with the game. Go Jets!

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